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Iris are blooming, May 19, 2017

Here are some current photos – from the past few days. Our Iris are getting going about 3 weeks later than when they bloomed last year.  It has been a very wet spring and much cooler than last year.

I really enjoy the variety of color, texture and height of the Iris family of plants.  Each summer, after they are done blooming, I’ve been moving a few of them to new locations to make sure they look good with their neighbor flowers and colors.  We have quite a few lupine, columbine and poppy plants that I’m mixing in.  Gardening- – what a fun hobby!!

Happy Spring!!




First lilac buds, on April 10, 2017

1 Mon lilac C

Hooray for our first lilac buds!!  and pink rock cress, along with geum (orange), iris (various), lavender (purple), oriental poppy (various), columbine (purple), dianthus (pink) and agastache (orange).

2 Mon rock cress C3 Mon o geum C4 Mon C5 Mon C6 Mon C7 Mon Agastache

April 1, 2017

April 1, and it doesn’t seem like spring yet.  It was 42 this morning and misty rain when I went to look at the garden.  We had over 6″ of rain in March, and more cold weather this winter than we’re used to.  I’m surprised that the garden is growing and the plants are doing so well without getting much warmth or sunshine.  The iris seem to be happy no matter the weather.

1 Z

I’ve gotten about 2 hours weeding time in so far, and cleaned up around some of the iris. This next photo shows how the gardens with no mulch get covered in weeds.  The mulch doesn’t totally prevent weeds, but it makes a noticeable difference.

2 Z

Several of our peonies have started and this one is the furthest along.  It won’t be too long before all the leaves have fully turned from red to green.

3 Z

More of  the iris and small red peony leaves that have been weeded.

4 Z

Pink Phlox getting started.  It will be about 3-4 feet tall when it blooms.

5 Z

Iris, oriental poppy, astrantia and columbine….

6 Z

and Sedum.

7 Z

Perennials and their interesting leaves


1a lt phlox

light pink Phlox

1b lt phlox

2a dk phlox

dark pink Phlox

2b dk phlox3a oriental poppy

Oriental Poppy

3b oriental poppy4a dk astrantia

dark burgundy Astrantia

4b dk astrantia5a white astrantia

white Astrantia

5b white astrantia6a pink coneflower

pink Coneflower – hummingbirds and insects like these flowers

6b pink coneflower7a lupine

Lupine – these plants produce tall spikes of flowers in many pastel shades, plus dark purple and combinations of colors – this one will have red spikes

7b lupine8a veronica

Veronica – these come in many shades of pinks, blues, purples, and white

9a hosta

Hosta – this plant will produce thin purple flower spikes

9b hosta10a delphinium

Delphinium – the flowers on these plants come in blues, pinks and whites – the flower spikes are quite tall and the hummingbirds love them- this plant will have blue flowers

10b delphinium11a columbine

Columbine – these plants come in a wide variety of pastel colors- they have small flowers on this stems – this one is white – the flowers will be opening up in a few more days

11b columbine12a clematis

Clematis – wonderful climbing vine – these come in a wide variety of colors and can be double or single blooms – this one is a bright pink

12b clematis


Happy gardening! Continue reading