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Peony Love, on April 6, 2017


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Flower gardens are wonderful, and so are fields of blooming flowers growing in rows upon rows.  Here are some photos from last May when I went to Oregon on a flower viewing trip.

I learned about the Adelman Peony Gardens when I arrived in the area to see the Schreiner Iris fields and display garden.

I spent some time looking at the beautiful large peonies in the display gardens and the plants for sale near the sale barn.  Then I noticed the path out to the fields and off I went.  [I live near farms of daffodils, tulips and iris where the walking paths tend to get pretty muddy.]  However, at the Adelman Peony Gardens, the walking paths between sections are all mowed grass and are very easy to walk along.  I walked all over the fields and loved seeing the shades of color especially the dark, medium and light corals.  In my garden I have shades of pink and white.  I hope to add a coral to my garden this year- last year all the corals were sold out.

One thing I learned is that Peony plants aren’t as fragile as I thought and they can be transplanted, though not too often.  I bought a couple white varieties and wedged them into my car for a happy drive to their new home.


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