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Iris are blooming, May 19, 2017

Here are some current photos – from the past few days. Our Iris are getting going about 3 weeks later than when they bloomed last year.  It has been a very wet spring and much cooler than last year.

I really enjoy the variety of color, texture and height of the Iris family of plants.  Each summer, after they are done blooming, I’ve been moving a few of them to new locations to make sure they look good with their neighbor flowers and colors.  We have quite a few lupine, columbine and poppy plants that I’m mixing in.  Gardening- – what a fun hobby!!

Happy Spring!!




First lilac buds, on April 10, 2017

1 Mon lilac C

Hooray for our first lilac buds!!  and pink rock cress, along with geum (orange), iris (various), lavender (purple), oriental poppy (various), columbine (purple), dianthus (pink) and agastache (orange).

2 Mon rock cress C3 Mon o geum C4 Mon C5 Mon C6 Mon C7 Mon Agastache

April 1, 2017

April 1, and it doesn’t seem like spring yet.  It was 42 this morning and misty rain when I went to look at the garden.  We had over 6″ of rain in March, and more cold weather this winter than we’re used to.  I’m surprised that the garden is growing and the plants are doing so well without getting much warmth or sunshine.  The iris seem to be happy no matter the weather.

1 Z

I’ve gotten about 2 hours weeding time in so far, and cleaned up around some of the iris. This next photo shows how the gardens with no mulch get covered in weeds.  The mulch doesn’t totally prevent weeds, but it makes a noticeable difference.

2 Z

Several of our peonies have started and this one is the furthest along.  It won’t be too long before all the leaves have fully turned from red to green.

3 Z

More of  the iris and small red peony leaves that have been weeded.

4 Z

Pink Phlox getting started.  It will be about 3-4 feet tall when it blooms.

5 Z

Iris, oriental poppy, astrantia and columbine….

6 Z

and Sedum.

7 Z

Iris preview, April 14, 2016

1 Iris preview (5)

This week I’m enjoying the Iris preview before all the blooms.  We’re making good progress on the battle with the weeds, in the front gardens at least.  And, we haven’t had too many slugs yet.  The flower stalks are growing a little each day and starting to show their color.  So far the plants look like they are doing really well and we’ll have a bonus crop of blooms this year, and a wonderful Iris Festival!  Happy Spring and many blooms to you all!!

1 Iris preview (7)1 Iris preview (8)1 Iris preview (9)1 Iris preview (10)1 Iris preview (12)1-iris-preview-13[1]1 Iris preview (15)1 Iris preview (14)1 Iris preview (4)1 Iris preview (3)1 Iris preview (2)1 Iris preview (1)1-iris-preview-131[2]1 Iris preview (6)

Hang in there!

Saturday in the garden

J 1Calla Lily.J 2Calla Lily.J 3Veronica.  The color is just starting to show on the various Veronica plants.  They come in several shades of pink plus purple, blue and white.  They are easy to grow.J 4Veronica.  Pink. J 5Veronica.  Pink. J 6Veronica.  Purple. J 7Iris. A small and delicate Iris.J 8Iris. These are late blooming compared to the larger bearded Iris variety.  I have them on the north side of the house so they get part shade.J 9Iris.  This one is new this year. It came from the nursery and had a tag for a pink/pink bearded Iris.  So, I was surprised to see the multi-color with lavender, happily surprised. J 10Iris.  Wow, this dark purple Iris is also new this year.   I ended up with these two super dark purple bulbs that were in with other standard purple Iris. Another nice surprise.J 11Dianthus– pinks, a type of carnation. J 12Chinese lantern bud.  When they are in full bloom they will turn to a bright orange bloom that hangs down, is hollow, and really looks like its name-sake. J 13Peony.  This white one has a lovely fragrance.  I have about 5 white blooms near each other, so this area smells very nice and fresh.  This is the third year that I’ve had any peonies.  I got them as starter root balls- they didn’t have any blooms the first year, and averaged 1 bloom each last year.   J 14Peony.  These bright pink blooms first opened about 3 days ago, and they are getting a larger every day.  These two do not have a fragrance. J 15Sweet William. This plant is an annual.  Most all of my plants are perennials, which means that they will come back every year from the root ball or bulb.  The Sweet William re-seeds itself very well and stays in this area nicely- it doesn’t spread all over the garden.  J 16Lupine.  This plant has been very hardy and is now 4 years old.  The bugs, bees and hummingbirds love this plant.J 17Beaujolais Loose Strife.  This particular plant is new this year- and the color is just getting going.J 18Yarrow.  This yellow yarrow is very easy to grow.  It adds great color to the garden.  In contrast to other yarrows that have green fern like leaves, the yellow yarrow had less fern like and more gray colored stems and leaves.S bird 1Cedar Wax Wing. Hanging out in the trees.  They have been around the past few evenings.S bird 2Cedar Wax Wing.  Eating berries.

May 18, in the Garden today

Iris 1a May 18IRIS.  These small mauve colored Iris are the first of this color to bloom, and they just opened up today.  Iris 1b May 18A close-up of the small mauve Iris.

Iris 2 May 18A larger two-toned mauve Iris. Iris 3 May 17The peach colored Iris, which was the first of all our Iris to bloom this year.  To the left of the Iris there is pink Sea Thrift; behind to the top right there are pink Columbine; to the left bottom of the photo the green is Veronica; and the gray in the lower center is Dianthus- ‘Pinks’- which are in the Carnation family.  Much more color and variety is on the way!???????????????????????????????The tall yellow bearded Iris. ???????????????????????????????The tall purple two-toned Iris. Poppy 1a May 18POPPY.  Salmon color. Poppy 1b May 18Two salmon color and three orange. Poppy 2b May 16Jumbo red.  This bloom is several inches larger than the salmon and orange varieties. Poppy Bud 1 May 18Poppy bud, getting ready to open any day.  The covering will split in two as the bud opens.  The bloom will at first look like a delicate tissue paper flower when the covering pops open. WOW- nature is amazing.R Astrantia May 17ASTRANIA.  This dark red variety was new for me last year.  I’m really enjoying the dark green leaves as well as the darker flowers. R Astrantia May 18This pink I have had for several years- it is very hardy and long blooming.  I have added a couple with white blooms this year- they are called ‘Alba’.R Clematis 1a May 17CLEMATIS.  Buds of my double pink Clematis. R Clematis 1b May 18Another view of a double pink Clematis bud. R Clematis 2 May 18More Clematis about to bloom. R Clematis 3 MayWhite Clematis.  This bloom is about the size of an open hand.R Lupine 1 May 18LUPINE.  This plant, in particular, is cute and funny at the same time.  Most of the Lupine have the bloom stalks straight up, but this variety likes to bend and weave.  The blooms open up like a cone and the color starts from the bottom buds- then the color opens up through to the top over the next couple days.  These spikes are fully red now.R Lupine 2 May 18A pink variety that is a few days behind the red plant.  The color is starting to show and the spikes are filling in.  Lupine comes in many pastel colors and some are two-toned. S Bean May 18One of the dry- bean plants.S Birds May 18BIRDS.  A male and female Black-headed Grosbeak.  We generally see them one by one, so it was fun to see them both together.  We’ve had up to four males at one time during the last week.

May 10, in the garden today

Like 1a

One of the first things I noticed in the garden this morning were thin spider webs.  There were many single lines and then I came upon this beautiful one- a spiral orb web.  It was highlighted in the dew which made it easy to see.  I didn’t see the spider though.

Like 1d

My early peach colored Iris- yeah!

Like 1k

The Iris and Columbine next to each other.

Like 1bThis is a close-up of Columbine.  They come in several colors and several heights: from white to pale yellow to pinks and fairly dark purple.  There are also a varieties that have two tones.  The next two photos are also Columbines…ColumbineLike 1c

We have a few feeders out by the garden….

Like 1jand this male Black-Headed Grosbeak visited us today.  We haven’t notice the female yet.  This week is the first we’ve seen him this year.  In contrast with the yellow Evening Grosbeak, these birds seem to be more solitary and don’t spend very much time at the feeders.

Like 1f

This is a photo of Willie taking a bath.

Like 1gThis is a photo of Pete and Frank checking things out.  Frank is the leader, Pete is the follower.

Like 1hYet to be named chicken, one of the girls.

Like 1iElvis, the Rooster- [all the Roosters are named Elvis].