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Iris are blooming, May 19, 2017

Here are some current photos – from the past few days. Our Iris are getting going about 3 weeks later than when they bloomed last year.  It has been a very wet spring and much cooler than last year.

I really enjoy the variety of color, texture and height of the Iris family of plants.  Each summer, after they are done blooming, I’ve been moving a few of them to new locations to make sure they look good with their neighbor flowers and colors.  We have quite a few lupine, columbine and poppy plants that I’m mixing in.  Gardening- – what a fun hobby!!

Happy Spring!!




Hike to Lizard Lake, April 29, 2017

1 hike

We had a nice cool weather hike up to Lizard Lake on Saturday and want to thank the WTA work crews that were making improvements to the rain drainage on the trail.  Thanks!

On this hike we saw more small critters than usual…mallard ducks, a pileated woodpecker, and a Douglas’ squirrel.  A couple hikers were heading up to fish the lake and their dog was doing a bit of splashing and playing.  And, its the time for skunk cabbage again.


City of Roses visit, posted April 8, 2017

These photos are from last May when I visited Portland, the City of Roses.  I visited two rose gardens: The Peninsula Park and the International Rose Test Garden at Washington Park.  The day was warm and sunny and perfect for strolling through the gardens.  It was early in May, and not all of the rose varieties were in bloom.  Mid May to the end of May might be a better target time for a visit.

I was very impressed with the Peninsula Park garden and how well it is maintained.  The design of the garden is wonderful and the fountain in the center is refreshing.  The feeling is open and while you can take in the whole garden overview, you can also walk the paths and look at the flowers individually.  And ….


…the International Rose Test Garden is amazing!  Its hard to decide which roses were my favorites.  How to choose-by color, form, scent?  I’ve included just a few of the roses here.

This garden is very large with a several levels and areas to explore.  Its a great place to spend a few hours, especially on a sunny day- next time I go I plan to bring a picnic.



Peony Love, on April 6, 2017


1 P

Flower gardens are wonderful, and so are fields of blooming flowers growing in rows upon rows.  Here are some photos from last May when I went to Oregon on a flower viewing trip.

I learned about the Adelman Peony Gardens when I arrived in the area to see the Schreiner Iris fields and display garden.

I spent some time looking at the beautiful large peonies in the display gardens and the plants for sale near the sale barn.  Then I noticed the path out to the fields and off I went.  [I live near farms of daffodils, tulips and iris where the walking paths tend to get pretty muddy.]  However, at the Adelman Peony Gardens, the walking paths between sections are all mowed grass and are very easy to walk along.  I walked all over the fields and loved seeing the shades of color especially the dark, medium and light corals.  In my garden I have shades of pink and white.  I hope to add a coral to my garden this year- last year all the corals were sold out.

One thing I learned is that Peony plants aren’t as fragile as I thought and they can be transplanted, though not too often.  I bought a couple white varieties and wedged them into my car for a happy drive to their new home.


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Dreaming of Iris, on April 4, 2017

1 S

These photos are from last year when I went to Oregon for Mother’s Day to visit the Schreiner’s Iris gardens.  They have an online catalog and I’ve ordered several Iris from them over the past few years.  I’ve always been happy with their service and plants and amazed by their catalogs so I wanted to see for myself.

The trip is well worth the effort if you enjoy Iris and gardens.  I visited in the late afternoon and again the next morning.  Each Iris variety is named in the garden and orders can be placed in the sales area.  I especially enjoyed seeing the companion plants in the flower beds plus all the clematis varieties- a bonanza of color and texture with all the Iris in full bloom.

In addition to the sheltered display garden, you can see the acres of Iris grown in rows with larges swaths of color.  If you can’t make it there yourself, I hope you’ll enjoy these photos.

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