Happy Happy Gladiolas

gladiola 1aAccording to Wikipedia, there are 260 species in the genus Gladiolus, of which 250 are native to Sub-Saharan Africa, mostly South Africa, the rest of which are native to Eurasia.  The types that we have for our gardens are nursery hybrids.gladiola 1bIn one section I have a few pale peach, yellow and orange. gladiola 1cIn another section I have mixed peach, orange, pink, rose, red and dark red. gladiola 1dSome of the varieties have one solid color, but some others have two or three tones. gladiola 1eSome of these are 4-5′ tall- these pinks are about 3 1/2′ tall. gladiola 1fThese plants will generally need staking, which can be done around the whole group.  If the blooms get too wet they will get top heavy, and flop over, so I try to just water them at the dirt level. gladiola 1g gladiola 1h gladiola 1i gladiola 1j gladiola 1k gladiola 1l gladiola 1m gladiola 1n gladiola 1oBe happy, grow glads :).


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