Monarda, aka Bee Balm

Bee Balm 1a1I really enjoy Bee Balm in the garden.  It attracts Hummingbirds as well as bees and bugs and butterflies.  The online resources say that they are a plant native to North America.

I’ve had the dark burgundy and red varieties for a few years, and this year I added two pink varieties.  The plant leaves have a great fragrance even before the flowers bloom.  The varieties that I have are pretty tall, from 3-4 feet.  Sometimes they seem like mini fancy party hats.  Even on one plant the various blooms have variety.Bee Balm 1a2 Bee balm 1a3 Bee balm 1a4 Bee Balm 1a5 Bee Balm 1a6 Bee Balm 1a7 Bee balm 1c Bee Balm 1d Bee Balm 1e Bee Balm 1fThis is a double flower.  On some blooms, after the lower one gets going and blooms, then a stem comes out the top and another bloom appears above. Bee Balm 1g


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