Dahlias in July

dahlia 1a LargeHere are some of my current dahlias.  The first few photos are wider shots and have some of the plant included.  This pink one is new in my garden this summer.

dahlia 1b LargeThis dahlia is a lavender ‘dinner plate’ and will be 6-8″ across.  It takes these flowers about a week to unfold.  This is the third summer that I’ve had this plant and have left it in ground each winter with no problem.dahlia 1c LargeI like this white dahlia- a ball variety.  The white feels fresh in the garden next to all the other color.  The flower is about 2-3″ across and this is the second year for this plant. dahlia 1d LargeThis orange is another ‘dinner plate’ variety.  The blooms are 6-8″ across, and you can see that sometimes there will be two in full bloom with several other buds coming along.  This plant has pretty long stems, which makes it a good cut flower.dahlia 1e LargeThis orange ball variety is a little larger that the white one above- the flowers are 3-4″.  If left on the plant they will last 4-5 days and then the petals will start to drop. dahlia 1f largeHere is another ‘dinner plate’ dahlia- maybe is should be called a jumbo plate, since it seems like the flowers on this plant are 8-10″.  dahlia 1g LargeClose-up of a new variety for me this year.  dahlia 1h LargeClose-up of my white ‘spider’ variety.                                                                                       I hope that you enjoy the rest of the photos here.  I recommend dahlias to anyone who wants to give them a try.  I’ve had good success with them and appreciate that they will bloom for a couple months.  If you are home and able to keep up with them at least every other day, you’ll have a bounty of flowers.  It is a good practice to snip off the little left and right buds next to the main bud- that practice will produce the best center flower and keep the plant from feeling out of control.  When the blooms start to fade, or when you want cut flowers, snip away.  dahlia 1i Large

dahlia 1j Largedahlia 1k Large dahlia 1l Large dahlia 1m Large dahlia 1n Large dahlia 1o Large


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