June 27, Thursday Dahlias and more

thursday 1Dahlia. The first five photos here are Dahlias.  These plants are pretty easy to grow, and are just starting to open the blooms.  In about a week they will be in full bloom and will bloom continually all through the rest of the summer.  This two-toned peach/yellow was taken yesterday.thursday 2This two-toned white/purple was taken yesterday. thursday 3 thursday 4 thursday 5This is the same bloom as above, the peach/yellow taken today.  You can compare how much the flowers open from one day to another.thursday 6

Pincushion.  This type of plant has fairly large blooms, most are about 2 1/2″ to 3″ across.  They are very graceful on long stems and bob in the breeze.thursday 7

Pincushion.  Here is a white variety of the pincushion.  It will continue to open the petals over the next few days.  The plant also has a light blue variety. thursday 8

Cupid’s Dart and Penstemon.  I like the contrast in color of the blue Cupid’s Dart and the burgundy of the Penstemon.

thursday 9Chicken heading up the ramp, in search of more food.


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