June 23, Summer is finally here

We are now officially in summer!  The dahlias are growing steadily and putting on their buds.  Two of my plants that I left in ground over winter are already blooming, and more buds will be opening every day now.  Once the dahlias get into full bloom the variety of color in the garden will get even more amazing.

Here are a few photos of what is blooming and about to bloom.

blog 1

Red Raspberry.  This one will be ready in a few days.

blog 2

Red Raspberry.  This one is ripe with the perfect color and ready to eat.  In fact, I did eat it!  Yummy.  It was the first red raspberry to ripen this year, most of the other berries have not even started to turn red yet.

blog 3


blog 4

Close-up of same red Dahlia.

blog 5


blog 6a

Astrantia (pink) and Veronica (blue)

blog 6b


blog 7


blog 8


blog 9


blog 10

White Oriental Poppy.

blog 11

Pink Coneflower.

blog 12

Queen of the Prairie.

below: Hydrangea

blog 13

blog 14

Delphinium and Coreopsis.

deer 2

after getting caught nibbling on the apple tree … getting out of town quickly


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