May 10, in the garden today

Like 1a

One of the first things I noticed in the garden this morning were thin spider webs.  There were many single lines and then I came upon this beautiful one- a spiral orb web.  It was highlighted in the dew which made it easy to see.  I didn’t see the spider though.

Like 1d

My early peach colored Iris- yeah!

Like 1k

The Iris and Columbine next to each other.

Like 1bThis is a close-up of Columbine.  They come in several colors and several heights: from white to pale yellow to pinks and fairly dark purple.  There are also a varieties that have two tones.  The next two photos are also Columbines…ColumbineLike 1c

We have a few feeders out by the garden….

Like 1jand this male Black-Headed Grosbeak visited us today.  We haven’t notice the female yet.  This week is the first we’ve seen him this year.  In contrast with the yellow Evening Grosbeak, these birds seem to be more solitary and don’t spend very much time at the feeders.

Like 1f

This is a photo of Willie taking a bath.

Like 1gThis is a photo of Pete and Frank checking things out.  Frank is the leader, Pete is the follower.

Like 1hYet to be named chicken, one of the girls.

Like 1iElvis, the Rooster- [all the Roosters are named Elvis].


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