Seed starts: Greenhouse update

a cucumberSEED STARTS.  The vegi starts in the greenhouse are coming along.  Until a couple years ago, I always started them outside, which you can do just as easily.  If the seed starts are in a protected area or a greenhouse they will grow a little faster, and some days you can get out of the rain while working.  I’ve saved plastic plant pots over the years and now I have plenty for starting seeds.  Saving the larger black trays helps too, especially when you want to rotate or move a several pots.  These pots are about 4″ x 4″.  I used fresh ‘miracle grow’ soil this year.

The two trays above  have cucumber starts.  The tray on the left/lower has regualr green cucumbers and the tray on the right/upper has ‘lemon’ cucumbers.  Lemon cucumbers are round and yellow and the size of a large lemon- but they taste just like a cucumber.  They add variety to a salad, sandwich or snack tray.  The seeds are easily available next to green cucumber seeds.  You can probably find plant starts too.  These starts are ready to go into a row in the garden.

b basil

This tray has basil starts.  It is a little harder to grow basil than other greens, but it is rewarding.  If the plants get going and you keep them moist, you should have at least 50% turn out well.  The best year I had for basil was when I started them straight into a terracotta pot and didn’t move them.  I’ll probably move these into a terracotta pot as is, and carefully put dirt around them.   Hopefully we’ll get a good batch and have good pesto this summer!  If not, a leaf here and there is great to add to a salad.

c mixed lettuceThis tray is mixed lettuce greens.  These are pretty easy to grow.  I will transfer them to a row in the garden boxes once they have several leaves.  I can see that one cucumber seed jumped ship and got into the lettuce.

d cherry tomatoThis tray is yellow cherry tomatoes.  I put 2 or 3 seeds in each pot- which means at this point we didn’t get all of them to germinate.  We’ll be patient, it looks like we’ll have 15 plants or so.  Not bad for a $2.29 package of seeds plus dirt.

e cherry tomatoThis tray is the red cherry tomatoes.  We’ll have quite a few of these plants.  They will probabaly get moved out into a garden row in a few more weeks.

f spinachThis tray is spinach starts.  The first leaves are funny looking, and like lots of plants, look nothing like what the next leaves will be.  These look like antenae waving around.  It wont be long until the good leaves are showing.  This plant is very easy to grow from seed and you eat it pretty soon, so its fun even for beginners.

Give it a try!




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