Yeah, Iris


IRIS.  A variety of plants, grown from rhizomes, with showy flowers.  There are almost 300 varieties including German, Dutch, Japanese, and Spanish.  Colors range from white, pale yellows, oranges, pinks to blues, purples and even darker tones.  My favorites are bearded which have three petals that cup up and three that are down.  Some of the bearded Iris are two-toned, with the three upward petals one tone and the three lower petals another.  Some Iris have fancy ruffled petals; they can be tall or petite.  The Fleur-de-lis is styled after the Iris.

I’ve been adding more Iris plants into the garden the past couple years.  They have been high on my favorite list! They add texture, variety and lots of color.  The section here has purple bearded Iris.

IRIS bThese were added last year- the color will be a surprise.

IRIS cIRIS dThese two buds should be purple.

IRIS eIRIS fThis pale orange is the first to bloom this year!  It just opened up today!

IRIS gThese Iris are very tall and will bloom bright yellow.

IRIS hThese Iris are petite and will bloom later in the season- they have no buds showing yet.


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