Fun with Sedum

Sedum aSEDUM.  A family of plants with about 400 varieties.  They are succulents, meaning they hold water in their leaves.  The local plant nursery sells many varieties that grow well in our area.  I have several that grow like ground covers, and a couple that are larger- most of them will flower.  This one likes the sunny spot near the rock.

Sedum bSedum cSedum d

This shows the great variety between Sedums.

Sedum eYes, all of these are in the Sedum family.  I haven’t started to learn the exact names for each variety.  The cats love when I weed around them, ah, fresh dirt for their use!  It doesn’t hurt the plants unless they dig right at the plant, then part of it will break off.

Sedum fSedum gSedum hThis Sedum is variegated and is a larger variety.  It should have pink flowers late in the summer.  It is pretty new and it did not bloom last year.

Sedum iThis is my biggest Sedum.  It is just getting going.  It will grow out several more inches and be from 15″ to 18″ before it starts to flower.  It will put up pink spike blooms toward the end of the summer.


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