In the garden today



Here is a small section of strawberries with several plants all growing together.  It is easiest to grow them in a row or a strawberry pot.  The fruit will develop right in the middle of the flower.  They will be white, then orange then the perfect red.  I have to watch out becasue the Robins will start to eat them as they are turning orange.

Pink Thrift with Iris and Veronica

pink Thrift with Iris and Veronica

This Thrift has been in this spot about 4 years.  It is very easy to grow.  Other varieties have white flowers or darker pink flowers.  Some have wider leaves and some have dark burgundy leaves.  The thin leaf varieties look grassy.  The buds will be open and in full color in about a week.

cucumber starts

cucumber starts

These are my cucumber starts.  Who knows how many cucumbers we can actually eat in a summer?  There will be plenty to share with friends.  The tray on the left are green and the tray on the right are yellow.  These are just the first leaves, in a week or so they’ll have the second set and start to look more like cucumbers.


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